Krauses Collision

Details Krause's Collision is a leading auto body repair shop in the Houston area. They specialize in collision repair, paint and body repair, and much more. Whatever you need done, they can take care of it.

Platinum Programming & Diagnostics

Details Platinum Programming & Diagnostics performs diagnostics on recently repaired cars to ensure that the programming is back in tact. Additionally, we partner with our clients to utilize our technology and expertise to successfully perform the necessary safety related repairs.

Best Bred Bullz

Details Best Bred Bullz is an all class American bully breeder based out of Florida. Their goal is to create the perfect pocket extreme dogs. A dog with the WOW factor but also a dog with great temperament and health. Their website displays the dogs they have for sale and provides insight into the breed.

Best Bred Corsos

Details Best Bred Corsos is the #1 most responsible Cane Corso breeder in Central Florida. They strive to keep the many generations of the “guardian breed” intact and pure. Their website showcases the dogs they breed and provides a way to contact them for their customers.

JK Strategic Marketing

Details John Kounelias is a digital marketing consultant based in New York. His website describes who he is, the services he offers, and shows why he is different.

Blue Collar Pet Transport

Details Blue Collar Pet Transport has been helping owners transport their pets since 2016. BCPT strives to have their client's pet move be as safe, comfortable and stress-free as possible. Their website is responsive, and has interactive features such as a phone call and live chat button.

Wall Street Processing

Details Wall Street Processing has been in business for over 10 years providing customized point of sale solutions for businesses across Texas. They are based out of Houston, Texas. Their website is a simple one-pager describing the point of sale and camera solutions they offer.

Dylan’s Detailing

Details Dylan's Detailing is a car detailing company based out of Houston, Texas. His website briefly describes his services and showcases some of his work.

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